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    As a professional garden shoes supplier from China, AbsoluteWelly is committed to using advanced technology to produce the best waterproof garden shoes for men and women.

    AbsoluteWelly garden shoes series include:

    • garden boots
    • garden wellies
    • garden ankle boots
    • garden slip on shoes
    • rubber garden shoes
    • eco-friendly PVC garden shoes

    All these garden shoes are available for both men and women. More than that, we also have beautiful garden shoes for cute kids too.

    • 11 garden shoes production lines
    • over 1000 experienced workers
    • annual output of 1.5 million advanced neoprene garden shoes
    • annual output of 1.2 million quality rubber garden shoes for kids
    • annual output of 1.5 million classic rubber garden shoes for ladies
    • annual output of 1 million eco-friendly PVC garden shoes

    Send inquiry now and let us work with your brand to provide the best garden shoes for people who love life and gardening.

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  • Check our garden shoes collection

    AbsoluteWelly rubber garden shoes

    Rubber Garden Shoes

    We're natural rubber garden shoes supplier. Rubber garden shoes with exquisite printing, comfortable last, fine workmanship, click to find more.

    AbsoluteWelly PVC garden shoes for women

    PVC Garden Shoes

    Lightweight, cute and durable, PVC garden shoes manufactured by AbsoluteWelly are a great partner for gardening work. Find out more.

    AbsoluteWelly neoprene garden shoes

    Neoprene Garden Shoes

    Advanced rubber technology to produce quality neoprene garden shoes. Waterproof, dry, breathable, suitable for long working hours. Find more

    AbsoluteWelly garden slip on shoes

    Garden Slip On Shoes

    AbsoluteWelly supplies you the excellent garden slip on shoes. Convenient, lightweight, easy to put on and take off, EVA elastic material, good support,  nice back door shoes. Check more here.

    AbsoluteWelly garden ankle boots

    Garden Ankle Boots

    Stylish and functional garden ankle boots are here at AbsoluteWelly. Not only good for gardening but for daily life also. Let's find out.


    AbsoluteWelly garden shoes for kids

    Garden Shoes For Kids

    Give your kids some fine gear and bring them to the garden. AbsoluteWelly makes cute garden shoes for kids. Rubber garden shoes with character, PVC garden shoes with flash lights...check them out.

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