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    waterproof and cute garden shoes help bring your little helper into the garden

  • Garden Shoes For Kids

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    AbsoluteWelly rubber garden shoes for kids lavender


    Sturdy and classic kids garden shoes last. More durable and better grip for kids to cope with the mud and water in the garden.

    AbsoluteWelly rubber garden shoes for kids red with dots


    Neat and nice rubber garden shoes for kids. Prints and colors could be made to order.

    AbsoluteWelly rubber garden shoes for kids with top


    Black dots on the garden shoes could be changed to any interesting character like ladybugs or butterflys. Good gift to introduce your little kids into the garden.

    AbsoluteWelly red rubber garden shoes for kids with top


    Cute dots on red rubber upper. Sweet rubber garden shoes for girls. Colors could be changed to fit boys too. Contact us for customization now!

    AbsoluteWelly eco-friendly PVC garden shoes for kids


    Eco-friendly PVC garden shoes for kids. Light weight, bright color, easy to clean. Ideal garden boots for naughty children. Colors could be made to order and pulling handles could be added.

    AbsoluteWelly glitter garden shoes for kids


    Glitter PVC garden shoes with LED flash light at the heel. Light up every step of your kids in the garden. No more boring but fun. Pulling handles are easy for kids to put garden shoes on by themselves.